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AMS9000 Webpage

AMS9000 - Audit Management Tour

Welcome to a quick tour through the main features of JKT9000's Audit Management software.

To navigate within this online tour please either follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the navigation on the left.

Audit management is an essential constituent of all management systems, not only within quality management. Audit management compares an actual situation (how is it?) with a planned situation (how shall it be?). The purpose of audit management is to uncover deficiency and lead forward to corrective and preventive action. A permanent audit management results in continuous improvement.

The AMS9000 module assists you in all tasks of the entire internal audit process - from audit planning to tracing corrective actions taken because of uncovered deficiencies.

The content of the Audit Management Tour:

The first part of this tour will provide you with a brief step-by-step tutorial.

  • The Audit Management Navigator
  • Creating an Audit Plan
  • Creating an Audit Checklist
  • Audit Results
  • Audit Report and Review
  • Audit Results and Corrective Actions
  • Action Review
  • Preventive Actions
  • Overviewing the Workflow

The second part points at reports/export of data and further functions of AMS9000.

  • Audit Reports
  • Action Reports
  • Communication within AMS9000
  • Customisation

We hope you will find this presentation useful to learn about the software. Please, feel invited to drop us an email with your questions and further information needs at