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AMS9000 Webpage

Audit Management Software: Audit Plan

The first step in audit management is creating an audit plan. The audit plan provides information about:

  • Audit Status: What is the current status of the audit?
  • Site: What location shall be audited?
  • Audit Type: What kind of audit shall be planned?
  • Schedule: What is the scheduled date, time and duration of the audit?
  • Department: Who is audited?
  • Team: Who are members the audit team?
  • Lead Auditor: Who is the lead auditor?
audit plan

User Defined Fields

The tab "User Defined Fields" allows you to provide an internal ID to your audit, if the one used by AMS9000 does not meet your needs and you prefer to use your own identification scheme. Further you have five additional fields you may define as you need them.

user defined fields

Changing the Audit Status

When you close a phase of your audit management by saving the entries you made you will be asked whether the audit status shall be set to the subsequent phase. You will confirm this when you have completed your entries. If you need to add or edit further details, you will keep the current status.

audit status