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Audit Management Software: Audit Checklist

There are three basic ways (or any combination of these) to create audit questions:

  • The auditor selects questions from a pre-set checklist or template. This procedure is mainly used when the process is well established and has already been audited several times or if strict adherence to a formal standard is required.
  • The auditor studies a process and creates a list of questions for this particular audit.
  • The audit questions are asked spontaneously in dialogue with the process participants based on the current process performance. This requires a well versed auditor in the appropriate standard being used for audit purposes.

AMS9000 is designed to handle all three ways or any combination thereof.

Adding pre-set questions

To add pre-set questions you can select questions from the available checklists. To do so you can deter- mine (a) the source of the checklist items (e.g. ISO9000, QS9000 ...) and restrict the items to (b) clauses of the Standard and (c) the departments being applied. In the above example the selection is collected from all source and all departments restricted to clause 4.1 of ISO9000:1994.

pre-set questions

Entering Audit Questions manually

When you want to enter questions not being contained in a pre-set checklist, you can do this manually. To do so enter a reference (in the example "Reference Document"), the section that is applying (in the example "6.1") as well as your questions into a free text box. Finally, your questions are saved. Then you are asked whether the audit status shall be changed to the subsequent phase.

question entere manually