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Audit Management Software: Corrective Action Plan

The audit itself is completed now. As result you will find conformances and nonconformances with regard to the requirements. The next step is to find remedies for the nonconformances. Quality management calls such remedy actions "Corrective Action" and "Preventive Action".

In JKT9000 software this action function is contained in the audit module, but only with respect to audit findings. For a comprehensive action management that allows input from other sources than audits such as customer complaints please refer to CAS9000. However, with regard to audits the corrective action system in AMS9000 is the same as in CAS9000.

Nonconformance as issue of action management

The issue of action management are the nonconformances that were discovered during the audit. The only entry you need to add here is the team assisting in problem solving.

action issue

Containment Actions

Containment actions are employed to remedy the direct effect of a nonconformance, e.g. updating obsolete documentation. In this screen you will describe the containment action with its date of planning and the planned implementation date. You may choose to either send your containment action plan for approval now or later together with the corrective action.

containment action

Root Causes

The analysis of root causes investigates and documents how and why the nonconformance has occurred. You further can add a customisable root cause code, a detailed sub-code and an ISO reference.

root cause

Corrective Actions Plan

Whereas containment actions serve to remove the effect of a nonconformance, the corrective action is used to remove the root cause with the purpose of preventing the reoccurrence of the nonconformance. In this screen you enter your corrective action plan, the planning date and the planned dated for implementation.

corrective action plan

Request for Approval

After you have planned your containment action, analysed the root causes and planned your corrective actions the action status can be set to requesting approval. The administrator of the corrective action request gets this information by email. He or she will have to decide on the next step whether to implement the action plans or to alter these.