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AMS9000 Audit Management Software
compliance with standards such as
ISO 17799 or ISO 27001

Information Security Audits

Information Security Audits - Overview

Information Security Audits are audits specifically taking care for information security. Though the audit questionnaire asks about information security the audit tool itself does not distinguish from other types of audits, e.g. quality management audits.

AMS9000 is an audit software that you can use for information security audits as well as for any kind of management audit. AMS9000 facilitates compliance checks by auditing against standards including such as ISO 27000 (formerly 17799).

AMS9000 is designed to handle all aspects of an internal audit programme, from planning audits to the follow-up of corrective actions against non-conformances found.


  • ensure compliance with regulations and standards
  • effective audit management
  • improved information security processes through corrective and preventive actions
  • comprehensive reporting options
  • conforms to standards such as ISO 27000 (ISO 17799)
  • ease of use ensures user acceptance
  • allows for audits other than information security audits
  • standalone, LAN, WAN, and web-based solutions


audit management software

Core Functions

  • setup of audit plans
  • creating audit checklists
  • execution of audits and documentation of findings
  • audit review
  • reporting
  • corrective action management on non-conformances
  • verification of effectivity of corrective actions
  • definition of user rights

Downloads and further information

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Further quality modules within JKT9000 quality management software

Each module can run on its own or in interaction with other modules.

Configurations of AMS9000 audit management software

AMS9000 is available in different configurations:

  • Standalone - single user solution
  • LAN - used within a Local Area Network
  • WAN - used for larger installations within a Wide Area Network
  • Web-based - the application is accessed over the internet using a web browser

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