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Risks & Incidents

  • Risk Management: mitigate negative consequences from events arising in an uncertain future. Enterprise Risk Manager® is the efficient way to proactively indemnify your success from potential loss.
  • Incident Management: keep track of incidents and their potential loss. Enterprise Incident Manager™ provides with a clear view on incidents, their causes, mitigation actions and costs.
  • Information Security Risks: take control of information and information processing risks. Enterprise Risk Manager® enables to reduce information security risks and to decrease the cost of risk treatment

Total Quality

  • Document Control: DOC9000 is a document control system to manage documents over their entire life-cycle.
  • Audit Management: AMS9000 handles all aspects of an internal audit programme, from planning audits to the follow-up of corrective actions against deficiencies found.
  • Corrective Actions: CAS9000 assists organisations in including everybody in the implementation of continuous improvement efforts.
  • Quality Control: QCS9000 helps maintain control over processes that are being inspected for any type of defects.
  • Training Management: TMS9000 helps achieving compliance with training management standards.
  • Information Security Audits: AMS9000 serves to verify compliance with any kind of standards including ISO 27001.

Management Projects

  • Management Projects: PathMaker provides a bouquet of tools to design, plan and run all kind of management projects, e.g. Six Sigma Quality, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Improvement, Benchmarking or Strategic Planning.
  • QFD Tool: translate in your QFD project customer requirements into product characteristics and process operations
  • FMEA: identifying possible failures in your processes, products or services and analyse the consequences.
  • Re-using Knowledge: Collect and re-use knowledge gained in your management projects.

Project Management

  • Time Chainage: Use TimeChainage for planning, tracking progress and reporting your linear projects.
  • Earned Value Management: APM's Guideline on Earned Value Management and Steve Wake's Booklet on Earned Value Analysis.

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