NOWECO Management Software


Our corporate mission

"Success makes us take pleasure in ends which originally were not pleasant" (David Hume). Management is about success. We at NOWECO provide management software to enable management to be successful. Hence, we provide pleasure.

To do so we build strategic partnerships to set up a unique portfolio of excellent management software tools that make management both more effective and more efficient.

Our values are openness, fairness, integrity and honesty. We have understood that these values are the basis for enjoying our customers´ as well as our partners´ confidence.

Supporting Management

In no event a management software tool can replace management or management´s decision. However, it can systematically support management in its objectives. Management software tools:

In essence, management software tools enable you to successfully perform.

Corporate Overview

The organisational design of NOWECO is a typical networking design. On the one hand there are our strategic partners who develop and maintain the management software we sell. On the other hand we co-operate with consultancies and resellers to meet the customer.

The organisation of NOWECO is not a fixed one but makes use of resources on an 'as needed' basis. This way we keep ourselves flexible and are small enough to care about our customers.

Company Policy

Quality First: We carefully select software tools we add to our portfolio to provide our customers with excellent solutions only. Accordingly, we design our processes to achieve satisfaction of our customers, partners, and resellers.

Virtuality: As company dealing with software products we put lots of efforts to avoid waste of paper, CD-ROMs and other materials. For this environmental aspect we committed ourselves not to send out marketing materials in form of paper and/or CD-ROMs. Instead we provide such materials for download on our website.

Teamwork: T.E.A.M. = Together everybody achieves more. This is even more vital for a company like NOWECO that depends on interaction between individual companies.

Invitation to Success

All our efforts are dedicate to one goal: to invite our customers to be successful. Therefore, we at NOWECO provide software solutions and services that enable our customers to manage their tasks and achieve their goals.