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AMS9000: Audit Management Software

The Audit Management Navigator

Within AMS9000 all activities can be launched in the Navigator. The top bar contains frequently used functions. The middle section shows the workflow of the audit and corrective action management. And the bottom bar gives quick access to audit reports:

Audit Navigator

The Audit Plan

The first step in audit management is creating an audit plan. The audit plan provides information about:

  • Audit Status: What is the current status of the audit?
  • Site: What location shall be audited?
  • Audit Type: What kind of audit shall be planned?
  • Schedule: What is the scheduled date, time and duration of the audit?
  • Department: Who is audited?
  • Team: Who are members the audit team?
  • Lead Auditor: Who is the lead auditor?
Audit Plan

The Audit Checklist

There are three basic ways to create audit questions:

  • The auditor selects questions from a pre-set checklist or template. This procedure is mainly used when the process is well established and has already been audited several times or if strict adherence to a formal standard is required.
  • The auditor studies a process and creates an individual list of questions for this particular audit.
  • The audit questions are asked spontaneously in dialogue with the process participants based on the current process performance. This requires a well versed auditor in the appropriate standard being used for audit purposes.

AMS9000 is designed to handle all three ways or any combination thereof.

Audit Questions

Audit Results

There are three options to respond to an audit question

  • Acceptance: When an auditor agrees that a process is performed in line with what was plan, then the audit question is passed. The auditor will check acceptance.
  • Rejection: When an auditor disagrees that a process is performed in line with what was plan, then the audit question has failed. The auditor will check rejection and may additionally initiate a corrective action request.
    Audit Response
  • Observation: An observation is no non-conformance, but something critical and its correction would be an improvement.

Audit Reports

The audit report is based on a customisable template and provides the results of your audits. Audit reports can be edited by the user.

Audit Report

Corrective Action Plan

The audit itself is completed now. As result there will be conformances and nonconformances. The later need remedies which in quality management are called "Corrective Action" and "Preventive Action". In AMS9000 the function is limited to audit findings. For a comprehensive corrective action management please refer to CAS9000 - Corrective Actions.

Corrective Acions for Audit Findings

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