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Corrective Actions Software


CAS9000 is the corrective action software within the JKT9000 family of quality management software modules.

CAS9000 is a quality improvement tool as it responds to short-comings, non-conformances, or opportunities for improvements. In order to do so achieve this goal three kinds of actions can be taken: containment actions as immediate remedy, corrective actions to avoid re-occurrence of an error, and preventive actions to avoid errors already before they have occurred.

CAS9000 is designed to include everybody in the implementation of continuous improvement efforts.


  • documented areas for improvements
  • overview on causes for non-conformances
  • documentation of remedial actions
  • alerts on past due actions
  • verification of successful action implementation
  • conforms to quality management standards such as ISO 9000
  • ease of use ensures user acceptance
  • standalone, LAN, WAN, and web-based solutions


Corrective Actions Software

Core Functions

  • all users may request a corrective action
  • imports issues from AMS9000 (Audit Management System) and QCS9000 (Quality Control System)
  • allows for containment actions, corrective actions, and preventive actions
  • documentation of causes and track of status
  • comprehensive reporting
  • definition of user rights

Downloads and further information

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Further quality modules within JKT9000 quality management software

Each module can run on its own or in interaction with other modules.

Configurations of CAS9000 Corrective Actions Software

CAS9000 is available in different configurations:

  • Standalone - single user solution
  • LAN - used within a Local Area Network
  • WAN - used for larger installations within a Wide Area Network
  • Web-based - the application is accessed over the internet using a web browser

CAS9000, Corrective Actions Software, is developed by

Corrective Actions Software