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DOC9000 Webpage

DOC9000 - Document Control Tour

Welcome to a quick tour through the main features of JKT9000's Document Control software.

To navigate within this online tour please either follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the navigation on the left.

Document control is essential, not only within quality management. Document control is used to manage to create, use, edit and withdraw documents with the objective that all users have access to the same information and make use of this.

It is a challenge for each organisation to manage this task. On the one hand you risk that a document control being too restrictive results in unnecessary and demotivating bureaucracy. On the other hand only a consistent and consequent document control can serve its purpose. The solution of DOC9000 provides you with an excellent balance between both requirements.

The content of the Document Control Tour:

The first part of this tour will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial.

  • The Document Control Navigator
  • Creating Document Types
  • Adding a New Document to the System
  • Initiating a Change Request Item for a Document
  • Reviewing Proposed Changes/Create DCR
  • Approvers Reviewing DCR and Accepting/Rejecting DCR
  • Creating and Distributing a New Document
  • Overviewing the Workflow

The second part points at some utilities of DOC9000.

  • Distributing Documents
  • Cross References from and to Documents
  • Revision History of a Document
  • Pending Changes to a Document
  • Miscellaneous
  • Reports
  • Communication within DOC9000
  • Customisation

We hope you will find this presentation useful to learn about the software. Please, feel invited to drop us an email with your questions and further information needs at