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Enterprise Incident Management Software


Incidents are errors that occur and interfere with the business. Incidents cause a deviance from what is expected. Are incidents identified? Is there an effective system managing incidents? Get to know your incidents. And take action to quickly reduce the disruption of a business process. What you need is an Incident Register ...

... an Incident Register that includes all data on your incidents and actions taken.

... an Incident Register that assists you in restoring the business process from the impact of incidents.

... an Incident Register that ...

  • saves time and money so that you can focus on the most critical task in incident management: identifying incidents
  • delivers cost-effective treatments so that incident management adds value
  • provides consistency across the organisation.
  • is accessible to business units across the organisation
  • is an invaluable management tool for the return is many times higher than the cost of the investment.

The incident management software Enterprise Incident Manager combines good information and ease-to-use to get maximum benefit out of your incident management efforts.


Enterprise Incident Manager™ software assists in managing incidents by:

  • facilitating the management of incidents.
  • quickly evaluating the most serious incidents.
  • managing treatments to reduce the likelihood of such an incident re-occurring.
  • by collecting injury Incidents and other incidents such as theft, fire, arson, criminal intent, human failure, etc.
  • by recording treatment actions to reduce the possibility of future occurrences or mitigate the consequences.
  • by allowing for management of treatments including due date/owner alerts.
  • by recording aspects which may have caused the incident.
  • by triggering the creation of associated risks in the Risk Register (if interfaced with Enterprise Risk Manager™).

Enterprise Incident Management - The Process

Enterprise Incident Manager

The Incident Management Process

The most important criterion of an incident management system is the ability to swiftly manage incidents to reduce disruptions of business processes. Enterprise Incident Manager is a tool that supports the incident management process.

It simplifies the task of recording and managing incidents. This software allows you to enter an unlimited number of incidents by division, department, location, asset, and project or incident category. It has programs to capture, analyse and report on incidents and their causes and treatments.

  • Incident Identification is the process of collecting incidents that interrupt or reduce the quality of production and service. Any uncovered interference will create an incident which can be documented, categorised, and reported in Enterprise Incident Manager.
  • Incident Analysis is determining the severity of the incident. This allows to separate between minor and major incidents.
  • Incident Evaluation assigns a priority to the incidents.
  • Treatment Implementation means the selection of appropriate treatments to remove the impact of an incident or mitigate the severity of an incident to an acceptable level. Enterprise Incident Manager records causes for the occurrence of an incident plus all treatments.
  • Monitoring and Review is necessary to monitor the treatments selected to restore the business process.
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