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ipathmaker: the web-based PathMaker


ipathmaker is a unique web-based software that helps you to systematically create a better organisation. ipathmaker works the same way as PathMaker. The major difference between both is that ipathmaker is a web-based software.

ipathmaker was developed to allow to conveniently work in an interconnected world. It is made for people who need to work outside your firewall, e.g with customers, suppliers, consultants, accountants, attorneys, or colleagues located at different sites.

ipathmaker gives you all the business tools for creative thinking, analytical thinking, better decisions, data analysis, effective meetings, and Just-in-Time-Learning.

ipathmaker: The Benefits

Based on the successful PathMaker software ipathmaker shares its benefits. Due to being web-based further benefits contribute to an even more successful and effective management of business projects:

  • Speed: Ipathmaker reduces the time to success.
  • Quality: Excellent team capabilities ensure better improvements.
  • Quantity: Get success with less costs because of reduced staff time on projects.
  • Costs: Web-based team interaction can reduce travel expenses significantly.

ipathmaker: The Organisation

The 4-tier organisation

ipathmaker organises information into four levels as shown by the graphic below.

ipathmaker organisation

The 4 tiers in the ipathmaker organisation

  • Home Level (Individual User Level): The Home Level is the individual user level. The user has access to groups, projects, events, action items, and recent news.
  • Group Level: The group level displays any projects belonging to the group. The user can create, edit, and delete projects.
  • Project Level: Several services are available on the Project level. The user can open the:
    • Project Pathway with the tools, links, and slideshows.
    • Project Summary containing a referenced description of your project
    • Team Member List
    • Action Items List with responsibilities
    • Discussions Log containing the discussions
    • Calendars
    • Link List containing hyperlinks
    • Shared Files which can be stored on the group or project level
    • Shared News
    • Email Service - a user can send emails from anywhere in ipathmaker
    • Scorecard Service which assists in monitoring the processes
  • Tool Level: These are the tools available to be added on the project pathway: Meeting Agenda, Stage Headers, Brainstorming, Force Field, Notepad, Data Analyst, Consensus Builder, Cause and Effect, Forms, and Slide Shows.

Downloads and further information

Click to request your free evaluation copy of PathMaker software for effective management projects.

Click to request your link to free registration for ipathmaker web demo.

PathMaker, Software for effective management projects: Configurations

PathMaker is available in two configurations:

  • PathMaker
    which is a desktop-based software solution. Click on PathMaker to learn more about this solution.
  • ipathmaker
    is a web-based solution.

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