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Enterprise Issue Management Software

Enterprise Issue Management Software


Issues form a gap between the organisation's performance and stakeholders' expectations. Are such issues identified? Is there an effective system mitigating the impact of issues? Get to know your issues. And take action to reduce the impact of an issue. What you need is an Issue Register ...

... an Issue Register that includes all data on your issues and actions taken.

... an Issue Register that assists you in reducing the impact that result from issues.

... an Issue Register that ...

  • saves time and money so that you can focus on the most critical task in issue management: identifying issues
  • delivers cost-effective actions so that issue management adds value
  • provides consistency across the organisation.
  • is accessible to business units across the organisation
  • is an invaluable management tool for the return is many times higher than the cost of the investment.

The issue management software Enterprise Issue Register™ combines good information and ease-to-use to get maximum benefit out of your issue management efforts.


Enterprise Issue Register™ software assists in managing issues by

  • facilitating the management of operational and project issues.
  • providing a real time visual issue matrix report at any level of your organisation, and other powerful charts and reports.
  • ensuring staff are accountable and actively participate in the issue management process across the organisation.
  • providing a framework in which to implement and manage strategic and business unit issues.
  • providing a point to register issues that are classified and managed as risks, complaints, incidents, skills shortage, standards compliance, action items, etc.
  • making sure that issues are raised, logged, assessed and solutions distributed to the staff responsible for implementing and reporting on actions.
  • providing issue review and action due reminders by task list, or email to issue and action owners.
  • allowing customisation to your requirements.

Enterprise Issue Management - The Process

Enterprise Issue Manager

The Issue Management Process

Enterprise Issue Register™ supports the issue management process:

  • Issue Identification is the process of comparing the trends within the environment of the organisation with the organisational performance. Any uncovered gap will create an issue which can be documented, categorised, and reported.
  • Issue Analysis is determining the issue by urgency and impact. This allows to separate between minor and major issues. Enterprise Issue Register™ records such data and shows the rating of the issue.
  • Issue Evaluation compares urgency and impact to issue criteria. The outcome is the prioritisation of issues.
  • Action implementation means the selection of appropriate actions to mitigate urgency and/or impact to an acceptable level. Enterprise Issue Register™ records all action data and follows up implementation.
  • Monitoring and Review is necessary to monitor issues, the effectiveness of actions taken and the management system which is set up to control implementation. Enterprise Issue Register™ allows an analysis of the effectiveness of actions.

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