NOWECO Management Software

NOWECO's partnerships

NOWECO's Strategic Partnerships with Developers of Management Software Solutions

JK Technologies, Inc. JKT9000 Quality Management Software
Engineering Management Services, Inc. PROAct / RiskDecision
SkyMark Corporation, Inc. PathMaker, i pathmaker
Steve Wake Projects Ltd. Earned Value booklet, APM Guideline
Incom Pty Ltd. Enterprise Risk Manager®
Enterprise Issues Manager™
Enterprise Incident Manager™
Control Self Assessment
MPMM Method123 Project Management Methodology Project Management Methodology
Peter Clarke Planning TimeChainage Project Planner

NOWECO's Distribution & Consulting partnerships

Dependency.Com Dependency Modelling, Risk Management

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Win 2: Train and consult them with regard to the software solution

Win 3: Find new customers/clients through the software solution

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