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PathMaker Project: Process Improvement

Process improvement is a basic building-block of quality management and a fundamental competitive weapon. Processes in modern organisations are complex, and most are inefficient and wasteful. In some cases, they add no value at all. It is the norm, not the exception, that 25-50% of an organisation's total work effort and spending is wasted through ineffective processes.
There are two key elements of a process, both of which must be right if it is to work.
Aim: If the process worked perfectly, would it produce an output pleasing to the customer? If not, more radical changes are in order, and you may want to use the Reengineering a Process pathway to undertake these.
Function: If the aim is correct, the process must be designed to hit the target as efficiently as possible. This means high-quality inputs, well-defined, purposeful, value-adding activities, and clear expectations with the means to accomplish them as quickly as possible.
Process Improvement - a Sample Pathway
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