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QFD Quality Function Deployment

QFD or Quality Function Deployment is used to translate customer requirements into suitable targets for each step of development and production. By using QFD the customer requirements are carried over into each single activity within an organisation. This ensures that these activities are used to explicitly serve the customer requirement. From an organisational point of view, QFD helps to link activities that are performed separately such as development and production.
Customer focus in QFD includes looking at competitors and their quality in meeting customer requirements. Hence, QFD is an important tool to analyse the market position and improve market share.
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)-Matrix in PathMaker
PathMaker provides forms on QFD that enable you to create a QFD matrix. This QFD matrix then can be included into your project pathway. The QFD matrix comprises seven tasks:
  • List the Key Customer Requirements
  • Rate the importance of the Key Customer Requirements
  • List competitive products and your own current and planned products.
  • Rate products (competition and own ones) against customer requirements.
  • Translate customer requirements into product features or technologies
  • Rate the relationships between requirements and features
  • List the technical or performance data for each key feature or technology, for yourselves and your competition.
Results of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Matrix
  • Are we focusing our energies in the high leverage areas?
  • Is your planned product a lot more competitive?
  • Which technologies or features will have the most impact?
  • Highlight the gaps or new ideas that have promise, especially in highly rated columns.
The PathMaker Form on Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
qfd quality function deployment 1
qfd quality function deployment 2
The tools of PathMaker provide assistance in creating the QFD Matrix.
QFD (Quality Function Deployment) is nothing that is done just for itself. It is the objective to use the results of QFD to make decisions and introduce changes to products and processes. In PathMaker a QFD Matrix can be included into projects such as strategic planning, product improvement or process improvement. This way PathMaker is not just a QFD tool but integrates the QFD process into an overall project.
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