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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Register® - An Enterprise Risk Management Software

London, UK - November 2005 - NOWECO, the distributor of management software, provides with Enterprise Risk Register®, the risk management software to manage operational risks within the entire enterprise.

Enterprise Risk Register® is the latest development within the Risk Register software family including the single user version RiskEasy®, Workgroup Risk Register specifically designed for workgroups and now Enterprise Risk Register®.

Enterprise Risk Register® is a web-enabled multi-user Microsoft .NET application using SQL Server relational database supporting hundreds of decision makers across the enterprise. It includes Microsoft Windows single sign-on authentication, role based security for risk management in context, internationalisation, and translatability to any other language.

The standard package includes a Reporting Wizard and a Charting Wizard with powerful graphical charting capabilities. Enterprise Risk Register® starts at 5 users, and user numbers may always be added.

Enterprise Risk Register® addresses the primary business challenges of organisations such as ...
- Transparency: get a swift overview on key risks and related treatments.
- Integral Management rather than isolated applications that do not allow a comprehensive enterprise view on risks.
- Volatile Environment: changes to the environment of an organisation accelerate.
- Priorities: only an enterprise risk management allows to efficiently set priorities and allocate resources.
- Competitive advantage: the continuous striving for being better than competitors.
- Corporate Governance: there is a growing amount of regulations and standards which have to be complied to such as ISO 17799/ISO 27000, COSO, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.

Enterprise Risk Register® is available in English and has already been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese ... and other languages will follow soon.

Products of the Risk Register software family are being used worldwide in lots of different industry sectors such as health services, emergency services, police services, government, engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, mining and exploration, construction, insurance, financial and much more.

More information on Enterprise Risk Register®, a development by Incom Pty. Ltd., Australia, is available at

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