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PathMaker & i pathmaker - Software for effective management projects

London, UK - July 2006 - NOWECO, the distributor of management software, provides with PathMaker and i pathmaker, a team-based software for process improvements, strategic planning, quality, six sigma, scorecards and other management projects.

PathMaker is a new concept in software. The core management tools - for thinking, planning, meeting, deciding, and executing - are all here. They are organised, explained, team-ready and at the userīs fingertips. With PathMaker, the user will save time and money. More importantly, the user will have tools that let the user do their best work.

PathMaker works online or offline, in and out of meetings. The user does not have to find a time when people can all assemble in one room; just log into the project, see the latest changes, and make their own updates. Users can brainstorm together online. flowchart together, create charts and graphs together, meet, discuss, analyse problems, track indicators, think of solutions, and/or review progress.

"PathMaker provides all tools needed to run a management project and it even allows to define procedures as project templates to be reused. This is one of the strengths that make PathMaker outstanding", as Andreas E. Fiedler, managing director and founder of  NOWECO, emphasises. This way the user can preserve the knowledge learnt in projects performed and reuse it in new projects.

The process of defining projects within PathMaker is really simple. At the heart of PathMaker lies the unique Project Pathway, the clearinghouse for all project information. The pathway contains all individual steps or tasks of the userīs project. Each step refers to a project tool which is launched by clicking on the respective symbol. The individual project tools can be assigned to six major groups:
- Meetings ... including meeting agendas and minutes as well decision/action logs
- Logical work ... flowcharts, cause & effect diagram, forms
- Creative work ... brainstorm and affinity diagram
- Decisions ... consensus builder and force field analysis
- Data analyst ... including numerous chart types
- Just-in-time learning ... 28 slide shows on the management tools and tasks.

For all users who prefer web-based applications there is i pathmaker, the web-based pendant to PathMaker.

Both PathMaker and i pathmaker are software products developed by Skymark, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA. NOWECO established a relationship with Skymark to make PathMaker well-known also in Europe. A single license costs US$ 295.

On further information please contact
Andreas E. Fiedler
Sonnemannstr. 49
60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel.: +49/69/21995271
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