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Enterprise Issue Management

Enterprise Issue Register™ - An Enterprise Issue Management Software

London, UK - February 2007 - NOWECO, the distributor of management software, provides with Enterprise Issue Register™, the issue management software to manage operational and project issues within the entire enterprise.

Enterprise Issue Register™ is a web-enabled multi-user issue management software using SQL Server relational database supporting hundreds of decision makers across the enterprise.

The most important criterion of an issue management system is the ability to effectively and efficiently prioritise and manage issues to meet organisational and statutory responsibilities. Enterprise Issue Register™ is a tool that supports the issue management process. It allows to manage urgency and impact of issues as well as respective actions, cost-benefit of actions, monitoring and tracking. These functions can be the most complex and labour intensive for issue personnel, and the most costly for organisations.

Enterprise Issue Register™ supports the issue management process starting with Issue Identification and Issue Analysis via Issue Evaluation to Action implementation, Monitoring and Reviewing the process. Major benefits of using Enterprise Issue Register™ include:
- facilitated issue management
- provision of a framework to implement and manage strategic and business unit issues
- support of Plan-Do-Check-Act within issue management
- real time visual issue matrix report
- issue review and action due reminders by task list, or email to issue and action owners.

Enterprise Issue Register™ is currently available in English language but will be translated into other languages.

Enterprise Issue Register™ may be integrated with Enterprise Incident Register™ or Enterprise Risk Register® which are also provided by NOWECO.

More information on Enterprise Issue Register™, a development by Incom Pty. Ltd., Australia, is available at

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