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TimeChainage v4.0

Press release: TimeChainage v4.0 - Time Chainage Software

London, UK - December 2011 - NOWECO, the distributor of management software, includes TimeChainage v4.0 in his management software portfolio. TimeChainage v4.0 is the newest release of the time chainage software developed by Peter Clarke. The time chainage chart (also known as Time Distance or Line of Balance) is an extension of the Bar Chart (Gantt Chart).

A bar chart uses the horizontal axis to represent time, so it displays each activity as a simple bar showing the start and end date. It does not show activity's location or progress. And it does not show any potential conflicts. The time chainage chart uses the vertical axis as well as the horizontal one. It displays next to time the location and progress rate and provides better information than a regular bar chart.

TimeChainage v4.0 is employed with all kind of linear projects such as:

TimeChainage v4.0: This time chainage package has been designed specifically for the following:

More information on TimeChainage v4.0, a development by Peter Clarke, UK, is available at

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