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QCS9000 - Quality Control Tour

Welcome to a quick tour through the main features of JKT9000's Quality Control software.

To navigate within this online tour please either follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the navigation on the left.

Lean quality management tries to define processes the way that nonconformities are avoided wherever possible and inspection quickly identifies nonconformities. The later addresses incoming and in-process inspection.

Where nonconformities are discovered you need to ensure that appropriate action is taken such as reworking, acceptance by concession, alternative application or rejection. To make such decisions you need to assign responsibility and authority.

The solution of QCS9000 controls quality inspections. To do so incoming and in-process inspections are defined and all nonconformities discovered herein are reported to the Material Review Board (MRB) for decision. QCS9000 also contains an interface to the corrective actions of CAS9000.

The content of the Quality Control Tour:

The first part of this tour will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial.

  • The Quality Control Navigator
  • Incoming and In-Process Inspections
  • Non-Conforming Material Requests
  • Planning Actions
  • Corrective Actions
  • Approval
  • Closure
  • Overviewing the Workflow

The second part points at some utilities of QCS9000:

  • Reports
  • Libraries
  • Communication within QCS9000
  • Customisation

We hope you will find this presentation useful to learn about the software. Please, feel invited to drop us an email with your questions and further information needs at