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Re-using Knowledge in Management Projects

Re-using knowledge

PathMaker and Knowledge Management

Whenever you are running management projects you develop management methods for your project. These methods are used. But are your management projects re-usable? Management projects designed with PathMaker can document projects through all phases starting with planning, operating, and reviewing. PathMaker documents discussions as well as any actions taken.

PathMaker is a software solution to plan, run, and control management projects. At the center of PathMaker is the Project Pathway. The Project Pathway is filled with single steps or tasks of the management project. PathMaker provides the tools to operate the steps. The Project Pathway may also include hyperlinks or links to internal documents. This way PathMaker provides all information within a single file.

PathMaker is not just team-ready, but allows for virtual teams and virtual projects. Hence, it is very flexible with regard to the users' specific needs.

After all the efforts to plan, run, and control the management project it would be a waste to simply trash the expertise gathered during the project. In PathMaker you can store your project pathway as a template and make it available for future management projects.

Working with PathMaker: The overall Structure

The PathMaker structure reflects the elements required in a management project. PathMaker shows five working areas that are addressed during any kind of management project. These working areas allow the user to run a complete management process:

Project Pathway Project Information Team Members Action Items Discussion History
  • Pathway: describes a PathMaker project in form of single project steps.
  • Project information: contains project name and information about the project.
  • Team members: contains a list of team members taking part in the project.
  • Actions: contains a list of project-related actions. Actions that are agreed on in a meeting are automatically included in the actions list.
  • Discussions: shows discussions held, invites to participate in a current discussion and allows to initiate new discussions.

The PathMaker Tools

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Core Functions

PathMaker contains tools that can be grouped into six sections as show in the diagram on the left.

  • Tools for creative thinking: PathMaker's brainstorming and affinity diagramming software tools combine two important creative processes of innovation.
  • Tools for analytical thinking: Open uncovered aspects using Cause and Effects Diagrams, Flowcharts, Tree Diagrams, and Form Designers.
  • Tools for better decisions: Tools for decision making are: Force Field-Analysis and Consensus Builder.
  • Tools to analyse, monitor and collect data: PathMaker's Data Analyst tool helps you integrate actual process data with management and planning tools. The Data Analyst includes lots of pre-defined statistical charts
  • Tools to run effective Meetings: Scheduling team meetings with meeting agenda right on the Project Pathway.
  • Tools for Just-in-Time-Learning: PathMaker provides more than tools. It also teaches, combining learning with doing.

Knowledge Management with PathMaker

Knowledge Management within PathMaker contains three elements:

  • Designing a management project in PathMaker: The first element is that of developing and designing a management project with PathMaker. This includes using the PathMaker tools.
  • Operating the management project in PathMaker: After having planned and designed the management project it is operated. During operation short-comings my be uncovered and discussed. Actions are taken to improve the management project.
  • Preparing a template from the successful management project: Completing a management project successfully should not be the end of the project. Making it reusable in form of a project template will allow later teams to build management projects based on the expertise.

Three steps towards harvesting knowledge

After running a PathMaker management project successfully it should be converted into a project template for subsequent management projects. This way an organisation conveniently can collect knowledge and make it available.

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PathMaker is available in two versions:

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  • ipathmaker
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