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Time chainage charts are commonly used on linear construction projects such as roads, pipelines and tunnels, railways. The time chainage diagram displays activities against both time and distance.

TimeChainage v5 is a software tool that facilitates planning, progress tracking and presenting of linear projects in form of time chainage charts. The time chainage chart is a specific bar chart that displays the time on the vertical axis and the distance on the horizontal axis. Progress is shown by continuously moving along the distance of the linear project by time.

TimeChainage v5 is more than a time chainage charting tool. It is used for planning or monitoring linear projects.


  • Import from and export to spreadsheets
  • Calculation of duration of activities based on length and progress rates
  • Plotting actual production on a time chainage chart to track progress relative to the original plan
  • Project analysis and graphical time chainage reporting
  • Multiple user defined filters
  • Activity codes for additional filtering and organising.
  • Comprehensive set of chart formatting options including axes, grids, line and fill colours, fonts, holidays and line detail
  • ease of use
  • standalone solution


Time Chainage Charts Software

Core Functions

  • Spreadsheet style data input tables
  • Separate tables for planned and actual progress data
  • Work Breakdown Structure for filtering, grouping and sorting
  • Planned activities with logic linking and start constraints
  • Actual activities for progress tracking
  • Multiple user-defined calendars
  • Comprehensive set of chart formatting options
  • Multiple user defined layouts
  • Create and save baselines
  • Chainage and date milestones
  • Learning curve creator tool
  • Export to and import from Clipboard in Excel format
  • Project analysis and graphical reports

Downloads and further information

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TimeChainage v5 software: Planning - Progress Tracking - Presenting

TimeChainage v5 is designed to provide project managers with a practical tool which offers both ease to use and excellent value for money:

TimeChainage v5 is the right choice for all managers of linear projects.

Configuration of TimeChainage v5

TimeChainage v5 is a standalone solution with import and export options to spreadsheets for further analysis.

TimeChainage v5 is developed by Peter Clarke

TimeChainage Software