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TMS9000 Webpage

TMS9000 - Training Management Tour

Welcome to a quick tour through the main features of JKT9000's Training Management software.

To navigate within this online tour please either follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the navigation on the left.

Training management is compliance management as it shall ensure that the requirements for doing a job is met by appropriate expertise of those doing the job.

The solution of TMS9000 helps achieving competence of workforce and increase the performance quality.

The content of the Training Management Tour:

The first part of this tour will provide you with a brief step-by-step tutorial.

  • The Training Management Navigator
  • Setting up Employee Data
  • Setting up Job Codes and Certifications
  • Setting up Requirements and Classes
  • Training Gap Analysis
  • Scheduling Training
  • Training Records
  • Overviewing the Workflow

The second part points at some utilities of TMS9000.

  • Reports
  • Communication within TMS9000
  • Customisation

We hope you will find this presentation useful to learn about the software. Please, feel invited to drop us an email with your questions and further information needs at