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Training Management Software


TMS9000 is the training management software within the JKT9000 family of quality management software modules.

Training is one of the prior-ranking action that can be taken to achieve the necessary competence for employees.

It consists of two major steps: training gap analysis and scheduling training. Training gap analysis is the comparison between given competence and required competence. Scheduling (and participating in) training is the mean to close this gap.

TMS9000 assists in uncovering training gaps and closing these gaps by scheduling training.


  • overview on existing skills
  • overview on necessary skills
  • reliable gap analysis provides information on training needs
  • training schedule
  • notification on recurring training (like annual training)
  • pending training records for employees, departments, for selected job codes / classifications
  • ease of use ensures user acceptance
  • standalone, LAN, WAN, and web-based solutions


training management software

Core Functions

  • Setup Employees, Job Codes/Certifications and Classes/Requirements.
  • Analysis training "gaps" for existing employees in their current jobs
  • Analysis what training/education is required for an employee to take another position.
  • Schedule Training Wizard to create training records for upcoming classes
  • training reporting
  • definition of user rights

Downloads and further information

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Each module can run on its own or in interaction with other modules.

Configurations of TMS9000 Training Management Software

TMS9000 is available in different configurations:

  • Standalone - single user solution
  • LAN - used within a Local Area Network
  • WAN - used for larger installations within a Wide Area Network
  • Web-based - the application is accessed over the internet using a web browser

TMS9000, Training Management Software, is developed by

Training Management Software